Industrial Metrology

ams Sensors Germany offers customer-specific solutions for communication interfaces of the automation engineering industries.  

The master component series for the EnDat2.2 is ams Sensors Germay‘s IP solution utilized as interface between absolute value encoders from HEIDENHAIN and subsequent electronics. Aside the EnDat2.2, other encoders with EnDat2.1 or SSI interfaces are supported.

The extensive options of the EnDat master IP series allow an effective layout of the control tasks between the EnDat master component and the µController. There are IPs for a FPGA solution as „encrypted VHDL“ or EDIF netlist. Some IP solutions allow the customized integration of own components within a single FPGA.

The offered IPs have been developed in close collaboration with the Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH and have been tested by the Heidenhain company.